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Kerby Coman


Kerby is the manager and helps customers find custom-tailored solutions to their health problems.


CBD Consultant

I’m a cannabis enthusiast and local Fairbanks CBD consultant that wants nothing more than to provide you with help and knowledge on cannabis and it’s medicinal benefits.

J.C. Smith

Wellness Consultant

By nature, J.C. is a healer. Working for Hempire-Co. has developed and encouraged him as a Health and Wellness Consultant.

Gabriela Boru

Wellness Consultant

I’m Gabriela Boru ,

I love outdoor adventures , health and wellness. I enjoy spending time with my family and pets. I first started working in the cannabis industry as a bud tender at Green Degree. It was there I learned about CBD, Terpenes and the health benefits they bring. Im now a CBD consultant at Hempire-co where I love helping educate the community about the power of Hemp. The medicinal side of cannabis is now my passion and a key part of my life. ✌🏽

Devon Manning

CBD Consultant

I have been with Hempire-Co since late 2019. During my time, I have had the opportunity to personally observe the positive physical and mental effects that cannabis can have in peoples lives. I hope to see the healing potential of cannabis continue to see the see the light of day, as the people deserve no less.

Travis Buckmeier

Manufacturing Manager

Hello! My name is Travis Buckmeier. The Lord has blessed me in so many ways. For instance, being born and raised in Alaska has given me the greatest opportunities and ability to achieve my many dreams and goals. First and foremost; I strive to be the best husband, and father to my six children. Instilling faith and integrity into them, while always willing to learn better ways of understanding and patience myself. Secondly, if you can’t find me on the ice at a hockey rink or lake, you can usually find me in constant study of our expanding industry. I am always looking for better ways to naturally heal our loved ones and furry friends! Even when facing scrutiny and judgment, I have always been an advocate for hemp. Even when I didn’t understand the plethora of medicinal benefits it can provide. One of many goals I hope to accomplish in my time here would be participating as a driving force in our movement to lift the stigma and misinformation around cannabis. Together, if we can make the proper strides to end prohibition, we will create a path for future generations to research, study and discover all the ways we can benefit from the endless resources this plant provides.

P.S. Ask me about terpenes!

Jesse Mazzella

CBD Consultant/Store Manager

Truly has been the biggest blessing to continue to educate our Industry, Hemp, and the ESC while giving people a clear path to health and wellness in our four years we have helped build all of our locations 3 of them in Alaska. I am a very outgoing funny guy with a huge heart and love for my people. I give my everything to breaking the stigmas’ while being an industry leader. I am just as passionate about Hempire-Co even outside of work, doing anything I can to be a beacon of light for the many sick people out there thinking they have no help. My number one goal is to help everyone I can, including people and pets diagnosed with cancer thinking that it’s over. I have 100% faith in God above to keep my heart on this beautiful path to the Green Revolution. #23

Nathaniel Walker

Lead Manufacturer

I have been with Hempire-Co. since mid-2018 and it has been an incredibly healing experience in my life. I love what I do and couldn’t ask for a better career. I moved up to Alaska from Oregon when I was 9 years old and I can’t think of anywhere else that feels like home. When I joined Hempire-Co., I was already familiar with Cannabis and knew that it has medicinal qualities to it but the amount of information that I’ve been given the privilege of learning has been incredible. My biggest motivation to join the cannabis industry and to stay in the cannabis industry has been my mother.

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