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Borneol – Terpene Education

Limonene is shown to have heart disease fighting properties and has proven itself as an effective anti-inflammatory and is commonly used to help anxiety and depression.

Hey guys, welcome to Terpene Tuesdays at Hempire Co. I’m your terp Smith Travis and today we’ll be talking about a few terpenes you might utilize in your daily life.

Borneol – is a terpene found abundantly around the world, in a variety of plants. It has been utilized for its abundant health benefits. Borneol is known for its anti-inflammatory, bronchodilator, analgesic, and more. In fact, borneol played a major role in Chinese traditional medicine to relieve pain, reduce inflammation, lower anxiety, and help cure heart disease. Borneol has an aroma that is often characterized as “earthy” with notes of “camphor”  like many other terpenes, borneol has powerful pain-fighting applications.

Studies show that Borneol is capable of protecting cells from induced toxicity. This unique ability suggests that it is a viable neuroprotectant with the potential to prevent and treat numerous neurodegenerative diseases. If that wasn’t enough, borneol is also being researched for its “synergistic effects” with other terpenes, cannabinoids, and medications.

You can find this amazing terpene in one of Hempire-Co.’s best sellers, our full spectrum topical rub (Full Spectrum Salve)

Borneol - Terpene Education
Borneol – Pain Relief

Cody Coman

Cody Coman

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