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Beta-Pinene – Terepene Education

A- Pinene and B- Pinene are used in your daily life as a powerful bronchial dilator and neuroprotective, as well as an anti-inflammatory.

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Hey guys welcome to Terpene Tuesdays at Hempire Co.

I’m your terp Smith Travis and today we’ll be talking about a few terpenes you might utilize in your daily life. Alpha and Beta-Pinene, first of all, you may ask what exactly the difference between Alpha-Pinene and Beta-Pinene is. Well, both are molecules made up of the same type and number of atoms and look exactly alike, very similar to the difference between THC and CBD the main difference is really just the way that atoms combine and linked together.

Both can be extracted from the same plant source and they are found in the same oils of many plant species most coniferous trees notably the pine. Alpha-pinene is a powerful bronchial dilator and neuroprotective. While both make great anti-inflammatories, Beta-Pinene is better known to be a pain reliever and help reduce anxiety and stress. Taking a walk into any forest is a sure way to come across pinene more often.

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