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Life changing!

Thanks to Hempire's incredible customer support we ordered a custom blend for our senior Siberian Husky who began having anxiety issues in her 14th year of life. We literally watch her entire body begin to relax about 10 minutes after licking down her salmon oil infused 500 mg CBD. We believe it has also helped with her old joints as well. We take her for walks and people ask if she's a puppy because she has a spring in her step again. Could not recommend this product more highly. Very grateful for the knowledgeable crew at Hempire-CO.

First Timer

This was my first time ever trying CBD! I had no idea what to expect and how I would even feel after trying it! I received my package really fast and I was So excited to try the product! It gave me a lot of energy and helped me A LOT with my anxiety!! Great product!! I would Definitely be purchasing more in the near future!

Really Love this Salve

I am greatly satisfied with this product. I have arthritis and this really help ease the pain I had been experiencing.

This Salve is the best

I injured my back over 30 years ago with a herniated disk. Finally I can sleep well at night.
Thanks to Hempire-co. Salve

Fast Delivery

Helps me stay on track with my weight and anxiety. No, they don't taste great but I add this to a big jug of Gatorade Zero and drink it throughout the day. Great customer service and fast delivery. They even added some extra goodies in my package! 🙂

Hempire CBD

I have used CBD from numerous sources and Hempire is by far the best and most affective product.
Salves and oils are amazing!!

Hempire-Co Boost Sublingual Oil

Hempire-Co. Sublingual oils are one of my favorite products they make, I personally use this Full Spectrum Boost sublingual oil. One full dropper in the morning and once at night. This product helps keep my body feeling 100% and my mind clear. I also use their Full Spectrum Salve for any muscle aches. This company has made including CBD in your daily life so easy and with so many different applications depending on your needs. Highly recommend Hempire-Co and their amazing products!


I have anxiety and some dietary issues that can sometimes make it hard to function throughout my days. I have started adding the water soluble 300mg CBD to my water and I have definitely noticed a difference. I am starting to become less nauseous and my anxiety hasn't been as bad lately. Overall, I love this product and how versatile it can be. The employees are also knowledgable and treated me with kindness. I will definitely be back again, thank you!


I’ve been using this product on my shoulder after working out and after volleyball games and Its helping me so much with soreness and recovery. I really recommend it those who has an active lifestyle like me

Great stuff!

My pup is an anxiety ridden steam train. Strong and energetic often hurting his back legs. And he it's alot. This stuff helped all 3 issues!

It's been helping wonderfully

I was recommended to use this to help with my morning sickness, and the first day I was able to get threw work so much easier. I've been taking .50 in my water bottles of around 23 oz. And it's been helping so much. 10/10 would recommend.

Current review

Product is great
Price is fair
Need to improve packing. One bottle cracked and leaked.

Pet Oil FS
My dog is acting like a puppy

My 4 year old King Cavalier had knee surgery and the vet recommend fish oil but I couldn't get her to take those large pills. I started giving the CBD pet blend and within 2 days she had stopped limping and wanted to play like a puppy again. She loves the taste!

Worked very good for my kitty

Psoarisis gone

Pleasantly surprised.

1000mg Full Spectrum Salve

This salve helps a lot with pain and inflammation. It also smells wonderful. I highly recommend this product.

I love this salve

We use this for everything in our house, takes the itch away from big bites and helped me with chemical burns on my arm. I also use it for my lower back pain and dry skin.

Love your cbd oils.

A skeptic, I decided to try cbd oil after years of psoriasis and being prescribed drugs that were harmful to me that reduced my immune system and harmful to my liver. After dosing 1 bottle of RELAX, my skin started to clear up. I also bought the salve 1000 mg and immediately saw results using both. Thank you Jesse for your assistance and I am a firm believer in your products and the benefits of cbd.


I love how knowledgeable and friendly the staff are, always in a joyous mood when i walk in the store. Quick and fast service for the cbd product that i need. 100% recommended!

I love the salve! It really helps relieve the pain. I don't need to take Tylenol twice a day anymore since I started using the salve in December!


I like the general pain relief and relief from anxiety and just overall feeling better. The only problem i had with it was the increase in energy i gained from it gave me insomnia. Had to switch to just taking it in the mornings.

My go-to CBD blend!

Using the full spectrum Remission CBD blend has helped tremendously with my general aches and pains from an active lifestyle, as well as giving my immune system the boost it needs!

Love it for post workout!

I use this product every single day. If I could get a huge tub of it I would! Softball, weight lifting, running, hiking, BEING A MOM, breast feeding... this salve is awesome for me for so many things! I use it on my achy muscles. My hips, shins and knees from softball and running. My new born baby’s but needed it at times. Mosquito bites. Achy neck from breast feeding. Menstrual cramps. My fingers after filleting fish! Any scrapes or burns (it takes the sting away and heals the cut so fast!) I’m not big on anything with chemical additives or extra ingredients and this product is so simple and it works every time which is why I love it so much. Best multi use and extremely effective product I’ve ever tried and I’ve tried a lot. My knees have hurt since I was 12 years old and this saves the day. My feet hurt and this saves the day. My body hurts and this saves the day!!

Love the customization!

I love the ability to pick and choose which terpenes that go into my oil. I have found that there are certain terpenes that work well for my anxiety and my sleep and I have been able to fine tune which oil works best for me. Calling and talking to one of the consultants is extremely educational and gives me more confidence when finding the best product for me. I can't wait to explore different blends and terpenes to further help with my own issues.

Best pain relief ever

I have had two hip replacements and now the knees. I have used so many products to get relief from pain and my son told me to try your product. It took a while for me to walk into your ‘pot store’ (my perception) only to find a warm welcoming business. I have been using this and found great relief with the Full Spectrum Salve. THANK YOU! (I should be hired as an employee - sold to so many family and friend;)

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